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Timang Island One day Tour

Tour depart in the morning from your hotel in Jogjakarta to Timang Island that located at Gunung Kidul to test your adrenalin to use Gondola or cable bridge passing over indian ocean

Timang Beach located at Gunung Kidul Regency 2.5 hours from Jogjakarta City, Timang Beach a location offer the visitors visit the panoramic view of Indian Ocean southern of Java Island, have experience in riding  cable cart or gondola operated by human-power or other option take cable bridge  to reach Timang Island  We offer you tour package  One day tour Timang Beach tour  from Jogjakarta with Tour itinerary is as followed:

07.00 Depart fro your hotel in Jogjakarta drive to Gunung Kudul 
10.00 arrive at nearest village from the beach, where we should take local transport (using both jeep or motor cycle taxi) to reach the Timang Beach that located 3 km from van parking area.

11.00 Arrive at  Timang Beach, see the panoramic view and you may take cable cart or gondola that operated by local people to reach island that located 100 meters from the beach
13.00 back to parking area, meet our coach and transfer back to Jogjakarta

1. Private Transport (Van driver fuel and parking fees)
2. Entrances fees and admissions fee
3. Local Transport 

1. Cable cart fee
2. Personal expenses

Tour could be comnined with
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