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Timang Island One day Tour

Tour depart in the morning from your hotel in Jogjakarta to Timang Island that located at Gunung Kidul to test your adrenalin to use Gondola or cable bridge passing over indian ocean

Timang Beach located at Gunung Kidul Regency 2.5 hours from Jogjakarta City, Timang Beach a location offer the visitors visit the panoramic view of Indian Ocean southern of Java Island, have experience in riding  cable cart or gondola operated by human-power or other option take cable bridge  to reach Timang Island  We offer you tour package  One day tour Timang Beach tour  from Jogjakarta with Tour itinerary is as followed:

07.00 Depart fro your hotel in Jogjakarta drive to Gunung Kudul 
10.00 arrive at nearest village from the beach, where we should take local transport (using both jeep or motor cycle taxi) to reach the Timang Beach that located 3 km from van parking area.

11.00 Arrive at  Timang Beach, see the panoramic view and you may take cable cart or gondola that operated by local people to reach island that located 100 meters from the beach
13.00 back to parking area, meet our coach and transfer back to Jogjakarta

1. Private Transport (Van driver fuel and parking fees)
2. Entrances fees and admissions fee
3. Local Transport 

1. Cable cart fee
2. Personal expenses

Tour could be comnined with
1. Jomblang cave Tour
2. Kalisuci Cave Tubing Tour
3. Pindul Cave Tubing

Jomblang Cave One Day tour

Jomblang cave tour depart from Jogjakarta in the morning to Gunung Kidul where Jomblang cave located, offers an experience to test your adrenalin to reach the bottom to see heaven light in middle day

Jomblang Cave is one of the vertical cave, look like the big sinkhole with 90 meters deeps, that prepared for all visitors to explore underground river,while on the middle day, we see the heaven light among stalactite and stalagmite on the bottom  of this cave.

To get to the bottom of Jomblang  cave there is no need to use the Single Rope Technique to go to the bottom of the cave because the cave management has provided services to go there by providing a human-operated crane that will drop the visitors one by one to the bottom as well as to climb back up but visitors are limited due to the time available

itinerary as followed

06.00 Leave the hotel drive to Jomblang Cave location, earlier departure is suggested as the total person allowed is only 80 person for a day, who will come earlier is priority
 09.00 Arrive on site and briefing service to inform how rappelling down and up, Rappelling down to drop visitor one  by one  to bottom by men power only

11.00 Exploring the cave guide by local expert to see stalactite and stalagmite and if you lucky you can see the heaven light from the roof hole of the cave
13.00 Repelling up the visitors  and drive back to Jogjakarta 

1. Private Transport (Van driver fuel and parking fees)
2. Entrances fees and admissions fee
3. Rent safety gears and rappelling down and up service
4. Local instructor 

Tour could be combined with
1. Timang Island Tour
2. Pindul Cave Tubing Tour

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Sukuh Cetho Temple One Day Tour

Tour depart from Jogjakarta in the morning to eastern of Surakarta city to visit Sukuh temple and Cetho temple dated at 13th century but it has unique architecture, located at slope om mount Lava on the border Central Java and Eat Java province

Tour itinerary as followed

07.00 Drive in the morning to Surakarta, travel on through lovely country side to discover the mystery of the 14th century Sukuh temple a small hindu temple that has pyramids architecture similar with Aztec pyramid on the south of Amerika
12.00 Next, we go on up scenic, passing tea plantation at winding Mountain road to another 14th century Hindu temple at Cetho a temple that has the reliefs and statues similar with Sumerian statues, enjoy the beauty of its peaceful surroundings.
14.00 Drive back to Jogjakarta

Tour inclusions
1, Transport
2. Entances Tickkets
3, Tour guide

Further information and request a quotation please contact us

Dieng Highland One Day Tour

A one full day tour from Jogjakarta to Dieng plateau, highland located at central java island where you can see farm in terraces along the route, the complex of oldest Hindu temples, hot mud crater, and Color lake Telaga Warna, going back to Jogjakarta in afternoon

Tour Itinerary as followed
07.00 leave hotel in Jogjakarta drive to Wonosobo, a city located nearest from Dieng Plateau
09.00 arrive at Wonosobo, passing city central and after this city, we will pass highland route where we can see the farm in terraces to plant potatoes and vegetables like cabbage, carrots , also tobacco during dry season.
10.00 arrive at Dieng Plateau, we will visit Complex of Dieng Hindu Temples that considered as the temples dated at 7th century
11.00 visiting Kawah Sikidang hot mud crater, that surrounded by small sulfuric gases craters smelled
12.00 and then visit the Telaga Warna, a volcanic lake that has a color caused by gasses where we can see in past time only, an now we can see better panoramic view this lake from the higher point nearest
14.00 back to Wonosobo City passing the same route, to take lunch
15.00.Drive back to Jogjakarta

Tour inclusions
1. Transport (van driver fuel and parking fees)
2. Entrances Tickets
3. Tour guide

Further information and request a quotation please contact us

Jogjakarta City Tour

Tour depart in the morning pickup from your hotel to visit tourist objects in city such as Sultan Palace Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat, Taman Sari Water Castel, Batik and Silver Home Industry and Malioboro in one journey tour

Tour depart in the morning to visit tourist objects in city Sultan Palace Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat, Taman Sari Water Castel, Batik and Silver Home Industry and Malioboro in one journey tour, with tour itinerary as followed

09.00 leave your hotel and drive to Sultan Palace
10.00 stop at Malioboro main street in city to walk to enjoy ambience
11.00 visit Sultan Palace, guided with local tour guide to visit the old buildings that compound by local style and colonial style, visit private Museum of Sultan Hamungkubowono 9th who has important role for Indonesian Independence
12.00 Drive to Taman Sari, old Sultanate Garden with swimming pool a location where sultan and family spend holiday time
13.00 Drive to batik home industry s location, where people make traditional and contemporary motifs, coloration, on the cotton tissue using bee, visitor could try to made batik
14.00 drive to Kotagedhe, Village on the south east of Jogjakarta City where we can find silver wares home industry, location where people make jewelry and other handicrafts made of silver in Jogjakarta
16.00 or later transfer back to your hotel in Jogjakarta City

Tour inclusions
1. Transport (van drivers fuel and parking fees)
2. Tour guide
3. Entrances Tickets

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Prambanan Temple Half Day Tour

Prambanan Temple Half Day Tour organized from Jogjakarta to visit Prambanan temple The biggest Hindu temple  of 9th century and Pick up in the morning from hotel or airport back to Jogjakarta in middle day
with tour itinerary as followed:

07.00 Depart from Jogjakarta (pick up from hotel in Jogjakarta)
08.30 Arrive at the complex of Prambanan  temple that compound 3 big temple that dedicated to their main gods Brahma, as creator, Siva destructor and Vishnu protector ,  by starting by visiting Brahma and Siva temple where the relief of Ramayana Story story of price Rama and Sinta depicting on the wall and Story of Krisna dicting on the Vishnu temple, if your time permit you can visit also the Sewu the complex of Buddhist temple on the north side of Prambanan temple
12.30 Arrive at hotel End of Service

1. Transport with private car or bus with air conditioned
2. Entrances fees
3. English speaking Tour guide or on languages requested
4. Mineral Water bottled

This Prambanan Tour, could be combined with
1. Borobudur Tour 
2. Borobudur Sunrise tour 
3. Jogjakarta city Tour
4. Merapi Lava Tour
4. Prambanan Cycling tour

Further information, request a quotation please contact us

Jogjakarta 3 Days 2 Night Tour

Jogjakarta 3 days 2 Night Tour, tour in Jogjakarta to main tourist objects to Borobudur temple, Prambanan Temple , Mount Merapi Lava Jeep tour in 3 days tour

with tour itinerary

Day 1 Arrival Pick up Prambanan temple Transfer to hotel 
12.00 arrival at Jogjakarta airport, our team will pick you up and
13.00 transfer to visit Prambanan Temple the biggest Hindu temple dated at 9th century that compound by Brahma Siva and Vishnu temple,
15.00 continue to Breksi Cliff to see the beautiful scenic and sunset on this area
16.00 transfer to Hotel

Day 2 Borobudur and Merapi Lava Tour
07.00 Depart after breakfast to Borobudur Temple
08.30 Arrive at temple buy entrances tickets and visit temple from first level of the temple that called as Kamadatu continue to second level that called as Rupa datu, level where life in progress to the higher level so we can see  many relief about buddha life in the world like a human  and  higher level where stupa with statue inside symbolize an eternity, stay a while to see beautiful scenic view
11.00 going down back to start point and continue drive to Merapi, stop over at Mendut temple
12.00 arrive at Kaliadem and stake 4×4 to start discover Kaliadem a village on slop of Mount Merapi destroyed by eruption
14.00 transfer back to Jogjakarta

Day 3 Jogjakarta City and Malioboro
08.00 leave hotel drive to City central
09.30 arrive on site, visit Sultan Palace and then Taman Sari
13.00 pick up time to transfer to airport

Tour Inclusions
1. Transport (van driver fuel and parking fees)
2. Entrances tickets
3. Tour guide
4. Jeep for Merapi Lava Tour (fit only or 4 people)
5. Rent Cave Tubing Gear

Up dated price 2019

Price in US$28916112811810799

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